Business Beyond profit

How to create and be in a business that honors people, history, and ourselves.

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“We cannot have a healthy business in an unhealthy society, or be oblivious to the needs of the environment."
--Sanjiv Mehta

The world of business is changing, slowly but surely. The traditional business model of profit above everything is being replaced with a more holistic model that honors the full depth of humanity.The biggest challenge with this shift is understanding what's important, why, and how to make these changes a sustainable part of our businesses.It's doable...we just have to start.In this virtual workshop we explore how to create and be in a business that honors people, history, and ourselves.In this workshop, you'll learn:⫸ Why understanding the history of business in the United States matters⫸ How understanding the true cost of business is deeply important⫸ Ways to do things differently so that we don't reenact harmful business practices.Business Beyond Profit consists of a 60-minute video recording of a live workshop.**When you purchase the workshop you'll receive: **- The 60-minute video lesson
-The slides from the workshop
-A list of resources to dig deeper
((Sliding Scale of $45 - $75))

"Let me tell you what I loved about this workshop:1. I'm in an industry that OFTEN uses price undercuts to win jobs over competitors. I've always felt strongly about paying my employees (and hiring employees rather than utilizing all freelance labor) a wage that allows for a good life. Aside from my gut instinct, I've never had language around WHY this matters so much to us (and why it impacts our bottom line in a way that makes us pricier than competition) and the takeaway of a thriving wage was HUGE for me.2. The plantation mentality and the way it has created our whole concept of running a business BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. I haven't stopped thinking about it and I'm fascinated by all of the ways this touches everyones lives without us even realizing."


I help business owners find the ease and flow required to create momentum that matters. One part strategist, one part project manager, I bring grounding, structure and form to ideas that are ready to fly. Being a Black single mother and entrepreneur has informed a lot of my ideas around how and why we do business and what it means to do it differently. I live in Denver, CO with my four boys where Black women are love and taking that seriously is the only way through.